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Love all your blogs and posts be cool to see you on facebok if your on there, feel free to add me  :-)

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Todays offerings from wildwizardcrafts - Roe deer skull and horn spirit calling whistle, magpie wing and Raven Feather leather earings , all available from - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/wildwizardcrafts

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Deer Raw Hide Paddle Rattle - shaman druid witch ritual journeying healing magic trance dance pagan

Made from Deer hide from found dead deer here in highlands with sinew and carved oak wood shaft and suede wrap/criss cross thong and handmade willow beads and rabbit tooth and Buzzard feathers with small beach stones inside, very handy tool , very good for cleansing/healing the auric fields/space in conjunction with sage etc and for ceremony . Also scares the crap outa negative spirits lol, Nice sound from her, quite loud lol :-) All materials apart from suede thong made by hand with materials found here in scottish highlands
15 inches long, head is 6 inches long and just over 3 inches wide so quite a big rattle :-)


wicked-bitch-of-thewest asked: I have to say, you make and sell some incredible things

Hi Wicked , Aww Thank you :-))) Many Blessings to you :-)

Latest offerings from wildwizardcrafts - Leaf necklace bag, Raven bones, Ritual spear and more Raven bones and a raw hide rattle necklace all available at =  https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/wildwizardcrafts

Latest offerings from wildwizardcrafts - Highland hedge witch besom, shamanic spirit calling whistle, Eagle head cuff, one ear earing, faery stone, all available at -   https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/wildwizardcrafts

Crow brooch and One ear shamanka earing, countrymans brooch, Faery stone, Bone n crow feather brooch , key and crow charm pendant necklace and a Very old Mandrake root all available at = 


thesouthernwizard asked: nice work!

Thank you :-)