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Lord Of The Forest

A wildman sits on his ivy entwined throne on ancient woodlands under ancient trees with shadows fall, smiling staring at all, mouth ablaze eyes wild , all a horned all a wild all a blamed for devil when not, wildness his name and nature woodlands and nature his all, life death birth death fertility fun Test, Catalyst, a blind eye he do not turn, he sees all, a wild man does take its toll yet he smiles and jolly n wild through all, with animals wild and small and tall, over the ages he grows tall …. Within :-)


Some pictures of my recent holiday on isle of lewis ,

The stones at Callanish , isle of lewis scotland uk :-)

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"Wherever you are, whatever you are , i hope you are ok and good and well, if not, change it ,strive and be strong, fight negativity within, be smiley, be happy, be you, be <3 :-)"

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Crowley The Mage n Laird of Boleskine - Unfinished Ritual magic Mage spell pendant Abramelin Demons scottish Relic Ritual Ceremonial

Rare Pendant made from copper and glass and Genuine Earth from the Boleskine house on a place previously a church where 50 men and women and children died in a fire, here in the scottish highlands where the infamous trickster Aleister Crowley once lived and partially carried out the Abramelin ritual and where various weird and horrific happenings happened after unleashing of dark forces , This is not for the faint hearted especially those of sensitive nature, so be warned prior to purchasing i will not be held responsible for any happenings ! comes with suede thong and pentacle detail and sealed shut safely, Truly a rare Modern Relic and Rare Collectors Item :-)



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Raven Shaman Rattle No4 -

Lovely large 11 1/2 inches long/ 7cm wide approx, made from scottish driftwood giant hogweed tube cleaned and sanded and painted with Driftwood slice end caps ,filled with small Red Brick stones and adorned with fur/suede,suede thong with Skull bone beads and Raven feathers, very unique item, ideal for trance inducing or ritual journeying or group ritual raising power etc or simply as a musical instrument.
(c) Kai Seidr 2013

Raven Medicine Bundle No2 -

Made from Black leather and suede and raven bone with whole leg and feather very powerful items , very Rare item! not available anywhere else in world!!!!
Ideal totem fetish / ritual attunement to connect with the spirit of Raven.
From found dead bird not shot for purpose! Communication /permission sought and offerings made to spirit to use its body parts.

Featured in the backround is Evelyn Rysdyk’s New Book - Spirit Walking - A course In Shamanic Power ,Evelyn Guides you through the shamanic world in easy yet powerful ways enabling you to merge shamanism into your life smoothly and safely, too often teaching books are written or copied from author to author making a not so well balanced or safe set of teachings, Evelyn talks and walks her path and provides new inspiration and insights for you to join her , well recommended !
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Ambergris - white gold natural scent perfume oils incenses magic erotic exotic heavenly aroma floating gold Amber Whale excretement 

49 grams approx amber solid base like resin for perfume/oil/lotion making and incense making, very expensive this stuff sells from £14.00 a gram to £100 depending on purity and age grade etc, going by the smell id say it was over £25.00 a gram its so so lovely, This find is Sweet and musky and earthy, Traditionally used as a fixative , you will never forget the smell of this its divine! Will be sent by tracked Mail. Bargain at price!!! nearest thing on market is the tree resin sold as gold amber which fetches £5.00 a gram and is lovely but here you are buying a much superior natural magical substance much sought after and unforgettable !!”
Ancient Egyptians burned ambergris as incense, while in modern Egypt ambergris is used for scenting cigarettes.The ancient Chinese called the substance “dragon’s spittle fragrance” During the Black Death in Europe, people believed that carrying a ball of ambergris could help prevent them from getting the plague. This was because the fragrance covered the smell of the air which was believed to be a cause of plague.



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