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Support Kai Seidr creating Pagan and shamanic crafts

Latest creations from wildwizardcrafts :-) all available at = https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/wildwizardcrafts

lovely drinking horn with thors hammer and leather hanging strap 11 inches long .



Latest offerings from wildwizardcrafts - oak burr pendant, hoof tinder, oak gal bracelet and two oak burr pendants, all available at - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/wildwizardcrafts?view_type=list

My Thors day forrage :-)


Pine and Deermoss Smudge Stick - shaman druid witch wicca healing cleansing smudging pagan Deer lord of forest woodland

Lovely handmade 8 inch approx scottish wild harvested smudge sticks hand tied with twine.
With Wild harvested Pine and deer moss, connect to the wildwood and the energies of the lord of the forest and deer with these pungent unforgetable smudge sticks.


Wild Wolf Shaman Crane Bag no3 - shaman fantasy faery druid witch medicine fetish crane bag pagan Primal Tribal

Crane bag with suede thong necklace hanger with willow and wolf tooth bead fastener and stitch design on side with tassles with beads, raven/pheasant/owl/hawk feathers ,handmade wooden beads and bells, actual bag measures 7 inches long and 5 inches wide approx not including trassles and hanger, ideal to carry your healing bundles, roots, stones,Resins,medicine herbs etc :-)


Lucky Hand Root - Voodoo folk magic spells witchcraft lucky fern roots folklore witch wicca pagan

lucky hand root from the british male fern, Carried to bring good luck & protection for its owner from all harm. listing is for one root only! 
Dug and cut with permission and offerings from plant spirit , dried and processed sacredly :-)